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Full sets of photos taken of each event featured. Not just a few shots from a show - but the whole gallery!

Photos featured here are of rock, heavy metal, punk, new wave, indie and alternative music acts and events.

Click onto a photo to view the full image. Some links to band official websites can be clicked onto via information.

All photos featured are taken by Sophie Paterson and may not be used for any other purposes, so please do not take any of the images here for personal use without prior permission. Photos are not for re-sale or other editorial use.

If anyone wishes to use any of the photos. please e mail me at:

Not all my photos from the last ten years are on this site, a lot were featured on Virtual Festivals and other web sites.

Please note that I do not always have a photo pass for events, so a lot of photos on here are taken from in the audience.

More can be viewed on the Sophie Jane's Rock 'n' Roll Photography Facebook page.

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Past photos and individuals shots from various events dating from 2001 at



Individual performance shots from headline concerts and festival performances from around the world

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